Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Excited (and Overwhelmed!)

Well, here it goes... My very first blog post.

When I found out a couple weeks ago that I was going to be teaching 5th-8th grade math this year, I knew I wanted to do some research into effective ways to teach math to middle school students.  I started reading a few blogs and very quickly became hooked! 

Now, I am following blogs, attending online meetings, and TWEETING!  I am really amazed by all the amazing teachers out there sharing awesome ideas!  I want to especially thank Julie Reulbach for encouraging me to get started!

I KNOW that I can't do everything at once so I want to start with an interactive notebook!  I plan to start it with my 6th-8th grade classes this year.  I think I will do a modified version with my 5th grade class.  I am so excited about using foldables for the first time.  Last night, I attended a video conference on foldables.  There are so many great ones available!  I am especially excited by the slope and systems of equations foldables.  I have a lot of reading and research ahead of me to fine tune my expectations for the notebook, but I am really excited to get it started! 


  1. Welcome to the crazy community of math teachers! Choosing just a few things to try is a big challenge when you're surrounded by so much inspiration, I constantly struggle with limiting my focus.

  2. I'm also starting interactive notebooks this year. (Starting blogging and tweeting too!) Very excited. I wish I would have known about the video conference on foldables. Sounds awesome. I teach 8th and 9th grade Geometry and will be posting foldables once school starts. Check out my site for ideas. :)